Ben Galloway

Ben Galloway studied Three Dimensional Design at the Surrey Institute where he was taught by the influential design historian and author, Michael Collins. He graduated with a BA Hons (II.1) in 1990.

For the last twenty years he has worked in the design industry, firstly as a furniture designer and from 2002 as managing director of his own design consultancy. In Italy 1998, in collaboration with an Italian manufacturer, he originated the concept of Glass Inlaid Marble, a new technique for combining marble and glass in a translucent panel. Through his work in this area Ben became enormously interested in translucent stone materials and over the last ten years or so has become a specialist consultant in this field.

Asked at the start of 2015 about the future…

I’m excited – we worked hard in 2013 to secure a new partnership with a major European manufacturer. I’m delighted not least because this relationship holds the key to our future ambition. For two years the company undertook no commercial projects – I needed to ensure that we had the right supplier and the right products in place before moving forward. After extensive product development by our manufacturing partner, Artifex London is able to announce a significant technological breakthrough – the launch of a glass-laminated onyx product that is entirely suitable for exterior use. It’s probably the single most important technical development since the conception of glass-laminated stone because it means that in addition to our translucent granite products, onyx can be used in façade applications all around the world, even in places where the climate is extreme. This is a huge step for us moving forward. I’m presently designing a new line of contemporary furniture featuring very beautiful translucent stone panels which will be under-lit by discreet LED lighting modules. We will be launching these on the website later in the year. Reasons to be excited? Yes… certainly there are!

Born in the market town of Beverley in the East Riding of Yorkshire, and educated at Ampleforth, Ben is the grandson of the portrait painter Vincent Galloway. He divides much of his time between London, The Lake District and his home in North Yorkshire.


Marian Ogundairo

Marian Ogundairo has worked as an IT business consultant in both the public and private sectors for over 11 years. Her key skills lie in branding, negotiation, relationship building, stakeholder management etc

Asked at the start of 2015 about the company and what inspired her…

I love all things beautiful including cars, fashion, buildings. My love of beauty has taken me on a journey of discovery and on discovering the beauty of natural stone, there was no turning back! I still get excited when I discover a new product and new ways to present it to the world. I’m amazed by just how much nature has provided us with but my passion is not simply with the raw material but in discovering new ways of bringing it to life. I truly believe that while natural stones are beautiful in their own right, with the help of light, stone can bring life to its surroundings. Nothing excites me more than watching the reaction of other people as they discover the beauty of backlit stone for the first time. I am thrilled by the thought of showing you different ways of using stone to create a desired impression or ambience, be it in the boardroom, reception area, hotel or even in a private home or onboard a yacht.

Like a lot of things in life, I believe that not all stone is made equal but every stone has the potential for great things if you allow your imagination to run away with you and I will be on that journey with you. At Artifex London, we know just how time consuming the whole process can take from deciding which material to use and how to use it. I am here to use my Super Human strength to help you with our various products; I’m here to ensure that your experience with us from start to finish is a pleasant one.

Let me take you on that journey…




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