What we do

Artifex London was formerly a distributor of newly developed translucent stone products to specifiers of building and decorative materials worldwide. From June 2016 it has operated as a specialist consultant in this field. It works directly with architects and designers during the design, planning and procurement phases whilst manufacturing and supply is provided by the company’s operating partner, Translucent Creations.

Company representatives meet regularly with architects, designers and façade engineers in the UK to present translucent stone materials and to apprise clients of technological developments within the industry.

The products recommended by Artifex London can be treated in the exactly the same way as standard glazed units and can be installed by any qualified contractor. Panels require careful handling but have no special requirements otherwise.

Because most products supplied are translucent, the ability to illuminate them is an important part of their appeal. Artifex London’s operating partner provides professional guidance with regard to lighting as well tailored lighting systems for any given project.

Artifex London works closely with its clients on every project where the company’s stone products have been specified. The company is happy to discuss the manufacturing detail of specific projects and recommend other specialists and/or subcontractors, if required.


Bringing STONE to LIGHT

‘Bringing Stone to Light’ – the company‘s new tagline, adopted at the start of 2015 for the launch of its new website, has dual meaning.

Artifex London’s stone products are quarried from deep within the earth – so in a tangible sense, by bringing them to the surface, they are conveyed out of darkness and obscurity and into the light. We make no apology for the biblical overtones – we like to think that what we do is biblical… well epic, anyway!

When these materials are veneer-cut to just a few millimeters thick, they become translucent. When lit, either naturally or by specially designed lighting systems, the effect is arresting. By using light to enhance these materials, in a literal sense the company is bringing stone to light. It hopes that in so doing, it is bringing it to life as well.




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