GIM Glass Inlaid Marble

GIM Glass Inlaid Marble


Glass Inlaid Marble was originated by designer Ben Galloway after a visit to Venice and the glass-blowing island of Murano in 2000.

Panels of marble are waterjet cut and inlaid with a glass compound. The inlaid design is translucent and consequently can be backlit to stunning effect. Never before have these two beautiful materials, marble and glass, been combined in this way.

Glass Inlaid Marble was first seen in the UK in 2001 with the opening of ‘Eclipse’ a chain of fashionable cocktail bars in London. In 2006, Glass Inlaid Marble was adopted for the centerpiece of the InterContinetal London Park Lane following a multi-million pound refurbishment program. Both projects are illustrated in the Showcase section of this website.

Typical Projects

Hotels; Restaurants; Bars; Casinos; Clubs; Banks; Offices; Company; Headquarters; Spas, Health Clubs; Resorts; Private residences; Airports; Football Clubs & other stadia and sporting venues; Cruise ships & luxury yachts


Typical Applications

Backlit wall-mounted panels; Separating partitions & wall dividers; Window panels – lit naturally; Work surfaces, counter tops, bar tops & bar fronts; Table tops; Light fixtures; Lift floors; Signage – company logos & branding; Exhibition displays & showrooms; Illuminated floors & floor tiles; Illuminated ceilings


Typical panel sizes

Any panel size up to 2500 x 2500 mm, possibly larger depending on the maximum dimensions of the stone selected.


Typical Prices

Prices vary enormously depending on a number of factors – the choice of stone; its availability; panel thickness; the complexity of the inlaid design and the quantity of panels ordered.

However, as a rough guide, prices range from between £1,150 and £1,575 per square meter for small/medium scale projects.

Commercial discounts are available for volume on larger orders, calculated on a project-by-project basis. Please contact Artifex London to discuss your requirements.

Artifex London specializes in tendering for bar, restaurant & hotel projects, designing illuminated bar tops & fronts, wall panels, underlit flooring and signage.

There is no limit to the applications to which Glass Inlaid Marble can be put. In its various forms, it is suitable for any space in need of a confident and beautiful artistic contribution.

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