Image Attribution


Artifex London operates an ethical policy with regard to photography and the use of images in this website and in our marketing materials. The relevant permissions have been sought and obtained wherever possible and we make every effort to attribute images to the correct source or photographer. If you are aware of any omissions or discrepancies, please contact us.

We would like to thank all the photographers and clients who generously provided us with photographic images for this website. Your kindness is appreciated and we are pleased to provide links to your websites and endorsements by way of appreciation.

With the exception of the images that appear in the slideshow, (since these images reappear in the Showcase section of the website and are attributed there), and in the Products section (where Artifex London and/or its manufacturing partner hold the rights), all images have been attributed.

Copyright and all associated rights belong to the photographer or owner of the image. We respect these rights and ask you do the same. Without limitation, copying, re-publication, distribution or any other use of the images on this website is strictly forbidden without the express written permission of the copyright holder and Artifex London Limited. This policy is rigorously enforced and is for your protection.

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