Artifex London announces new partnering arrangement

The company is pleased to announce that from June 2016, it has teamed up with Translucent Creations and entered into a new partnership agreement.
Managing Director Ben Galloway says, “This is a very important development for Artifex London. We have known Sean Parker at Translucent Creations for many years – collaborating on a number of projects in the past and sharing information. We have always enjoyed a good relationship but this development means we can co-operate more widely and to greater effect. It means we can combine our mutually beneficial talents and expertise and this is good news for our clients”.

Translucent Creations offers a number of man-made or synthetic alternatives to glass-laminated stone, especially Amberlite and HD Vectorlite and this means that there is a translucent product to suit all budgets. It also provides tailored lighting systems and installation if required.

Moving forwards, Translucent Creations will provide procurement, project management and delivery but Artifex London remains your principal point of contact especially in the early project stages, providing consultancy and advice to architects, designers and specifiers of translucent materials worldwide.

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